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Custom serialization

By default, django-cqrs serializes all the fields declared for the master model or the subset specified by the CQRS_FIELDS attribute.

Sometimes you want to customize how the master model will be serialized, for example including some other fields from related models.


When there are master models with related entities in CQRS_SERIALIZER, it's important to have operations within atomic transactions. CQRS sync will happen on transaction commit. Please, avoid saving master model within transaction more then once to reduce syncing and potential racing on replica side. Updating of related model won't trigger CQRS automatic synchronization for master model. This needs to be done manually.

Master service

In this case you can control how an instance of the master model is serialized providing a serializer class to be used for that:

class MyMasterModel(MasterMixin):
    CQRS_ID = 'my_model'
    CQRS_SERIALIZER = 'mymodule.serializers.MyMasterModelSerializer'

    def relate_cqrs_serialization(cls, queryset):
        # Optimize related models fetching here
        return queryset

If you would to serialize fields from related models, you can optimize database access overriding the relate_cqrs_serialization method using the select_related and prefetch_related methods of the QuerySet object.

Replica service

If you provide a serializer to customize serialization, you must handle yourself deserialization for the replica model.

class MyReplicaModel(ReplicaMixin):
    CQRS_ID = 'my_model'
    CQRS_CUSTOM_SERIALIZATION = True # bypass default deserialization.

    def cqrs_create(cls, sync, mapped_data, previous_data=None, meta=None):
        # Custom deserialization logic here

    def cqrs_update(self, sync, mapped_data, previous_data=None, meta=None):
        # Custom deserialization logic here


A serializer class must follow these rules:

  • The constructor must accept the model instance as the only positional argument
  • Must have a data property that returns a python dictionary as the instance representation.

If your service exposes a RESTful API written using Django REST framework you can use your model serializers out of the box also for CQRS serialization.